Greek Air Cargo S.A commits to provide reliable services to satisfy their customer needs, through an organized environment that aims to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The company treats all of its customers on the same basis, considering that everyone has high quality requirements to be met.

In the context of Quality Policy, our company’s management defines specific key quality objectives reviewed on a regular basis to:

  • Improve the quality of services offered to customers
  • Improve the speed of customer service
  • Reduce problems
  • Reduce customer complaints and improve their satisfaction
  • Confirm that the company’s processes work effectively

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the Company operates with the following principles

  • Every employee is responsible for the quality of his work.
  • All employees are fully informed of the Company’s Quality Management System and are responsible for its implementation under the supervision and guidance of the Management and the Quality Management Officer.
  • The Company provides all the necessary means (equipment, materials, training) to achieve the quality objectives.
  • All actions that may affect quality are planned and implemented in accordance with the Procedures developed on the Quality Management System.
  • All internal audits results are analyzed and used as part of a continuous effort to improve the Quality Management System.
  • The Company has appointed a Quality Management Officer who reports to the Management and has the authority and organizational independence to ensure that the Company’s Quality Management System is operated and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.