Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our mission is to provide safe, environmentally friendly transport, ensuring the future, so that our children can inherit a pleasant and sustainable environment.

Our fleet follows an ongoing renewal program with a high-tech fleet, following modern fuel policies. This promotes the efficient operation of trucks. Moving ever deeper into a green policy with fewer fuels and respect for the environment, we help to reduce the carbon footprint of transport.

The company follows green policies in relation to the recycling of paper, ink and so on. Especially with the EAWB system we save large quantities of paper, benefiting the environment and helping to reduce the solid residues that end up in the landfills.

Our certifications!

GAC is certified by the authorized AEO economic operator, aiming to secure the movement of goods and facilitate international trade. GAC is also an accredited IATA representative, developing long-term strategies and investing in achieving safer and better air transports.

Soon, we will also obtain the ISO 9001 certification, confirming once again that our services are quality-controlled and that our company faithfully follows all the international safety and hygiene rules.

Sustainability of the business

We are constantly investing in the future, in the sustainability and stability of our company. By serving this purpose, much of our profits are reinvested in our growth, with technologies geared to a better transport future.