Corporate History

Corporate History



International and domestic transport is a challenge that begins in 1973 for Greek Air Cargo (GAC), that the same year was founded in Thessaloniki by a group of customs agents. That was the starting point for a bigger idea, to develop a whole unit that can serve customers both domestically and internationally with security and professionalism.



Five years later, in 1978 GAC became a member of IATA with a license number (27-4 7702). From that year onwards, a successful progression for the company begins. Within a period of about ten years, the company’s network was developed, human resource specialization was provided, and many other factors that were considered to be a milestone for the era contributed to the overall growth of the business in its sector.


In 1987, GAC was acquired by a group of international transport operators and its headquarters were transferred from Thessaloniki to Athens. In addition, GAC converts its legal form from OE. (Overseas Company) to EIA (Limited Liability Company).


1991 GAC opens a new office in Thessaloniki.


1996, GAC converts its legal form from EIA to SA (Societe Anonyme) and Lefteris Kaltsas acquires 100% of the shares of Greek Air Cargo.


2001 GAC opens a new branch office at Athens Airport and in 2005 acquires a new warehouse


2007 GAC opens a new warehouse in Thessaloniki


2008 GAC opens a branch office in Pristina / Kosovo


2010-11 GAC installs night shifts all year round, operating 24 hours a day, making the company even stronger


2013, GAC acquires the AEO international certification


2015 IATA ranks GAC as the number one Cargo Agent for Greece.


2016 GAC opens a new office at the airport


2019 GAC acquires certifications from TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS for Management System as per EN ISO 9001:2015 and for Information Security Management System as per EN ISO 27001:2013